Over the last century, we have seen prolific advances in science and medicine. Unfortunately, there are countless plants with amazing nutritional and medicinal properties whose potential has not been realized. While big pharmaceuticals and cosmetics companies invest billions on laboratory-made drugs whose benefits often come with unwanted side effects, many of these solutions in nature get overlooked.

Lunamy was started in 2014 because of a belief that nature knows best. For that reason, we are committed to keeping the ingredients in our products as close as possible to their natural form without artificial chemicals or preservatives. We believe that is how the body can use them best. That's why Lunamy exclusively offers USDA Organic products made with the finest quality oils available so that you can truly relax. 

Our philosophy is simply “Love your neighbor. Love yourself.” We make it our goal to give you the best creation has to offer so that you have what you need to face life with confidence. We don’t believe in shortcuts, and we don’t think you should settle for less.