I love the Classic Oil, especially the smell. I just want to put some on my pillow before I fall asleep.


Using Facial Toner, Face Serum plus Tea Tree Cleansing Bar [Tea Tree Scrub]. I monitored for weeks and my grand daughters' acne has never been better!


...I'm 66 with combination skin, prone to eczema and acne when under stress. I've spent a lot of $$ on a number of brand name products over the years. This oil [Classic Oil], hands-down, has given me the best results in the least amount of time and money. In 7 days, my facial and neck eczema has gone from red and flaky to 90% gone. My skin is soft and glowing. I'll never be without it and will replace my toner with this brand when it runs out.


I felt great after just one use of the frankincense. Both me and my brother have clearer lungs.


Well.....I love it all!!!! I bought the diffuser and oils and I also bought the classic oil and toner. I am a lifetime customer because I have never had anything work so well as the classic oil. I am so happy with all of the oils that I tell everyone!! Thank you for such a wonderful product.


I absolutely cannot say how much I love the Classic Oil!


I used the Classic Oil and I LOVE it. I cannot wait to receive my diffuser!

Mary Jo

I really like your essential oil


I have been using it [Diffuser Set] every night and feel the difference once again thank you.


I just wanted to thank you for making such amazing organic products that I can trust! I've been using your original oil [Classic Oil] for a few months now and can tell a difference in my skin. Others have been noticing and complimenting me too and I've been raving about your oils. It's so important to me to use organic products and I'm so thankful to have found you that I needed to tell you that as well as to please keep it up as I plan on using your products for a very long time. I've just turned 51 and you have made me feel better about myself and the aging process. So THANK YOU!


I love your essential oils and defuser 100% always my go to. As for the skin care I always used to get these strange things on my face now they don’t come back anymore! ... Life time customer for sure! I tell everyone about lunamy and how 100% natural essential oils work for just about everything you need.


I used to use beard oil. Unlike other products I've tried, I've been using the Classic Oil and it continues to keep my beard soft even after showering. It's a true conditioner.


I bought one of your head comfort blends…and wanted to let you know how much I love it! I've tried other blends and oils, mainly [brand name], some [brand name], and I can totally tell the difference! Within moments of putting your blend on my temples, I feel relief. I don't know how you made this blend so amazing, but keep it up!



I tried out your products a few months ago and absolutely love them. I used the Face Serum and my skin hasn't been this 'calm' in years!


I suffer from arthritis in my neck. I used a few drops of the cinnamon oil diluted with the classic oil. There was no pain after about 15 minutes, and I woke up feeling great! I haven't even used icy hot today.


The Classic Oil was a refreshing application. Softened skin and didn't have clogged pores or have any adverse skin breakouts or conditions.


The Classic Oil is awesome!


I just wanted to say that the Classic oil I bought from you is amazing! I love it! It definitely doesn't irritate my skin and helps with moisturizing a lot. My skin feels a little better these days, I put some water filters around the house and it seems to be helping.

I will definitely continue using your products!


I purchased the face care oil [Classic Oil] today. I washed my face and applied a small amount to my slightly sun burned face. Very pleased. It calmed my skin down in seconds. Smooths out dry patches.


I have loved all the essential oils that we received so far. The aroma of the classic oil is heavenly and very calming. Loved the face serum too.  We use it on irritated/problem skin.  Both the classic oil and face serum are very soothing and nourishing. Loved the lavender and grapefruit oils as well. High quality products that can be trusted.


Amazing Products! Very Pleased with the quality of these essential oils. The Best Quality at the Best Price!


You guys are awesome and have amazing products. Can’t wait to try out more


Just started using the classic oil for my face. OMG this is the bomb. Used one drop on my grandbabies face, after a fight with gravel, and in one day the deep scratches were healing quickly. I love all the products but this may be my new go to for everything.


The oils are superb. Lunamy is not a multi-level selling company so the oils can be sold at a reasonable price. I will continue to buy essential oils from this company.


I continue to be amazed and delighted, AND grateful as to the painfree results from your tigray joint and nerve support. I use the oil every 3rd or 4th day and relish getting a full night’s [rest] now without waking multiple times from pain, which was the norm before I found your oils. Best news is there is only occasional discomfort if I go too many days between applications and I allow that so that I can monitor the healing to my shoulder joint. I have been pill-free for over 30 days since treating the intense pain with your oil…which is 90+ percent diminished.