3 Reasons You Should Have a Garden

If you’ve ever thought about having a garden but excuses keep getting in the way, these might be the motivators you need to give it a go. Don’t have a yard? Start with a few potted plants of things you love most.

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1. It’ll bring you more joy

There’s just nothing quite like watching the daily progression of a lifeless seed turning into a green shoot, a shoot to a bud, or a bud into a flower. When you plant it yourself, you’ll be more inclined to watch. Let the whole experience add a dose of cheer to your life. If you have children, get them involved and excited about what you’re growing too. At a minimum it’s a great way to spend time with them, and you can even use it as a teaching tool.

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2. It’ll bring you better health

Somehow the things you grow seem to simply taste better. Why is that? Perhaps it’s not having coats of pesticide or layers of wax meant to keep our store-bought produce safe on the long journeys from far away farms. Or maybe it’s just the love and care given to what you grow yourself. Whatever the reason, with produce from your own garden, you know what you’re getting, and it’s as fresh as it gets. 

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3. It’ll keep you more active

After a cool winter and long nights, planting a garden will get you outside where you can take in fresh air and a little sunshine. Not only that, but it will get you moving around too. It’s worth noting that in a previous post about why people in some cultures live longer, people in those cultures all tend to have gardens. That alone might be reason enough to start one.