How is Lunamy different from other brands?

Lunamy is not a multilevel marketing company (MLM) company, and there are no monthly minimums or signup obligations. We offer organic or wild-harvested oils whenever possible so that our customers can have peace of mind.

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What makes your skincare unique?

While many brands use less expensive laboratory-made compounds to give you an instant touch up, Lunamy uses premium quality organic ingredients that for thousands of years have been valued for their beautifying properties. Instead of looking for that quick fix, we find that our customers experience best results with regular use over a period of time and in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices.

Do you use fractionated or refined carrier oils in your skincare?

Absolutely not. Many brands will advertise an ingredient but not tell you that it has been refined, bleached, or deodorized, and some brands even encourage using fractionated oils. Such processing can inactivate vitamins and remove the very benefits you are looking to get. That’s why we only use unrefined carrier oils. They are naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and we believe that leaving them as close to how they are in nature is how your body can use them best.

Are your essential oils FDA approved for internal use?

Our single essential oils are 100% percent pure therapeutic grade, certified organic, and third-party tested. While many of these oils are derived from edible plants, they are very potent in the pure form. In order to be marketed for internal use, the oils need to have food labeling and be properly diluted with a carrier oil to be used safely. For that reason and despite the exceptional quality of our oils, Lunamy essential oils are only recommended for external use. 


Is it safe to use essential oils directly on the skin?

Due to the potency of many essential oils, we recommend diluting them with carrier oils such as virgin coconut oil or virgin olive oil before using topically. 

What ratio of essential oil to carrier oil is best?

As a rule of thumb, for every 1/2 tsp of carrier oil, use 3-5 drops of essential oil for adults and 1-2 drops for children. Always start by testing a small amount on a patch of skin to see how it responds. Alternatively, Lunamy’s skincare products are ready-to-apply blends of specialty carrier oils and essential oils.

Why do your oils smell so good?

Numerous customers have expressed how much they like the smell of Lunamy’s oils to other brands and we would like to share why. Much like wine, each type of grape and where it is grown produces different tastes. The result is everything from fabulous notes and flavors to vinegar. At Lunamy, we pride ourselves in offering you the best. We carefully select premium quality organic oils, and the species as well as the regions they are grown in produce uniquely pleasing aromas.