3 Easy Steps for Glowing Skin

When it comes to taking care of your skin, having a routine is important. Many people start becoming serious about it only after lines and wrinkles show up, which is the wrong approach. While it is never too late to start, the earlier you can take care of the basics the better. We cannot underestimate the importance of a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep, but it is also important to pay attention to what you put on your skin, especially when it’s a long-term regimen. Here are three steps you can employ daily before bed to help keep your face glowing.


Wash with Quality Soaps

Mass market soaps are manufactured with inferior oils, artificial chemicals, and artificial fragrances to cut costs. Many of these ingredients can leave the skin irritated and dry, and liquid soaps often contain preservatives known to cause rashes. So what should you use?

Try taking off your makeup with virgin coconut oil, and then wash gently with a bar of cold-processed facial soap. Lunamy’s Facial Soaps are made with premium natural ingredients such as olive oil, and are scented with essential oils. Not only do these bars smell wonderful, but they have a soft lather and leave the skin feeling silky smooth. For a cleansing bar, try the Tea Tree Soap with activated charcoal as a mild exfoliant.

Hydrate with a Facial Toner

This step is important for washing dirt from the pores and preparing the skin to absorb moisturizer. In Lunamy’s Facial Toner, the witch hazel and rose oil are both natural astringents that tighten the skin, while the baobab oil nourishes with over 7 times the vitamin C of oranges.  Again, the quality of ingredients here is important. Many toners are made with less expensive rose or lavender hydrosols, which requires the use of preservatives. Lunamy uses only organic witch hazel and organic oils, so no preservatives are needed.

To use the toner, shake the bottle well so that the oils and witch hazel mix. Then, pour into the hands and apply directly to the face or apply with a cotton pad. Once you feel the skin tightening, go on to the final step.


Moisturize with Quality Oils

This step is somewhat of a lost art in the West, but it has been practiced in cultures around the world for millennia, and many are rediscovering its amazing benefits. When you wash the natural oils from your face away, it is important to replace them with other oils so that the skin stays hydrated.

For oily skin, use the Face Serum, which is specially formulated to replace bad oils with good. The jojoba oil base doesn’t clog pores while the manuka, tea tree, and juniper berry oils help soothe skin irritated by acne or from shaving.

For dry or normal skin, Lunamy’s Classic Oil is truly sublime. A blend of oils valued since ancient times for their remarkable cosmetic properties, the formula is loaded with carrier oils rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and squalene, and essential oils such as frankincense and sandalwood that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply 2-3 drops as a thin layer to the whole face.

It may take time for the skin to adapt to a new skincare routine, so perform these three steps daily for best results.